Review 360 by Taylor and Kourtney

Today we will be discussing Review 360 which is a behavior tracking application that is used by school divisions to allow schools to target and solve behavioral issues that students may have. Some of the benefits of the program are the ability for classroom teachers to input information regarding student behavior. The teacher can choose whether they dealt with the issue in their classroom or whether the issue is being dealt with by administration. Since all teachers have access to the entered information and can offer their input a well-rounded picture of the student is created in various environments, making it easier to figure out where the issues are stemming from. The program allows teachers to create intervention plans to eliminate the behavior, not only in their classroom but throughout the school. This can be a great communication tool amongst teachers and for SST’s and administration. The data is recorded objectively, for example latency, duration, frequency, etc., and therefore, can be shared with parents.

Review 360

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Although we see the benefits to this program, from a parent perspective there may be resistance. Below we have included a video of how to deal with possible resistance:

This video does not reflect the personal or educational beliefs of anyone involved. It is strictly a simulation example.  


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