Fingerspelled ABC’s

Accountability time! Please feel free to compare my signs to the exemplar video, as one thing I am finding hard about online learning is that no one is around to give me feedback!

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  1. Looking so much better than earlier videos. You’re faster and more confident. The C, G, and H aren’t oriented quite the right way, but this was six weeks ago, so you’ve probably got it by now. Those letters, plus the O took me a while to get right. My instructor says those letters are confusing to people because in books they’re shown oriented in a weird way that makes for a clearer illustration of the hand shape, but which obscures the correct hand position. I had to ask a lot of questions about those letters!

    • Hmmm.. this has been one of my issues since I am just learning from books/videos. I think once I take an actual class, I can figure out how to improve some of my formations. I love learning online but sometimes it is so hard when you have a specific question!

      • That is so true. It’s hard to ask questions sometimes even when you have a class. My teacher is a little hard to talk to. ): I don’t mean he’s deaf, he just doesn’t listen very well. Funny, right? I’m really interested in finding more experienced signers to discuss fine points with. You’ve mentioned success online, so I’m trying that, and there are also a lot of Deaf events in my area, so I’m going to screw up my courage and go to some of those. Eeek! (:

        • I am sure you will do awesome at those events! I think the hardest part is always getting there… taking that step to do it. Once you are there, it will be fine. (Kind of like me getting myself to the gym).

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