My Family ASL Conversation

Taking in the feedback I have received, I decided to change things up this week and have more of a conversation. In this video I talk and sign simultaneously about my family. Give it a view and as always, comments and feedback are more than welcome!

I got the idea to do this from a fellow classmate, Rebecca, who is also learning sign language. She is doing quite an awesome job. Check her blog out! I look forward to collaborating with her later on in the semester. 

Some of the resources I used to practice/learn how to make my video are: 


I am getting the hang of this learning online thing. I am even starting to enjoy it! However, my video making skills are maybe 2 out of 10. I often cut my body off and this is a big deal when communicating via eyes and hands. I don’t want to make edits because i think that is a less truthful representation of what i know. For instance, when i paused to think of the “t” sign, I think that is an honest representation of where I’m at and how learning takes place. I also think by not editing things out i will be able to see my progress. Learning is not just about the end product, but rather the process, after all. However, i would love to figure out how to make the video bigger, brighter, and louder? Any tips are welcome! As for the sign language, I have what I’ve practiced down and just need to work on adding more speed.. this will come with time! Thanks for watching! 🙂


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