Pattern Folders: A Literary Analysis Tool

For anyone in ELA, I would recommend using pattern folders to encourage students to find textual evidence. I found this idea on the Teaching Channel, which is an extremely practical and useful site for all educators.  The pattern folders gets students, individually or as a class, to decide on common themes in a resource text. As they read, they pick out passages that match the theme and write these on sticky notes to go inside their folders. Not only does this help with a curriculum outcome but it is also a step in the research process if they were to complete an essay at the end. These folders can help students review. My goal for my students is that they can back up their claims with proof and I think this activity encourages this. Also, the teacher in this video noted that after a quick look at their folders and she can see where her students are and what they are understanding. I would personally use this as a job description for literary circles or as a bell work activity/routine to start the day or a “reading with a focus” activity.

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