Standardized Testing Videos

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When an Adult Took Standardized Tests Forced on Kids

I personally believe that standardized tests are not a valid measure of learning. It is a corporate based, numbers system and kids are not numbers. Of course, if we teach to one test results will get better. But are students really learning? I believe in differentiation, student choice and freedom for students to guide their own learning. For some students that may be a test but for others it may be an oral presentation. Furthermore, I believe looking at the world around us as a class is more important than standardized test type questions that are forgotten right after the test. We can’t mold all kids to one type of assessment. We can’t all teach to one type of assessment. Sure, have a standardized tests to monitor the province as a whole but do not let it reflect back on the student and the teacher.

Taking tests is not learning or a better quality of ed. All it does is take the excitement, the crisis, the personal aspect right out of school – the very opposite of a better quality of education.

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