Chapter 11 Response

Chapter 11 focuses on keeping ourselves learning. It is important that education does not stop for us, as we do not want it to stop for our students. One way to learn and get support is through a professional learning community. This reminds me a lot of co-teaching, as things like respect, support, safe environments, plans, facilitators, simple goals, etc. are needed for both. These requirements are also needed in classrooms. As a university student I feel that I have a strong support system of inclusive educators and English majors and minors. I also have many discussions with people from other disciplines (mostly social studies). We all are becoming teachers for different reasons but we share a similar passion – children and learning. Therefore, talking for hours about the latest teaching strategy, governmental choice or assessment tool is just a day in the life. I hope to continue these positive relations as I move on throughout my career. It is nice to have support and two minds are always better than one!

Collaboration is at the core of my teaching philosophy. I have heard of schools that review and create lessons together. I am a firm believer of sharing work and developing work together. As educators, we can make a larger impact on our students’ learning if we work together. We are not being paid to compete with each other!

Finally, this quote at the end of the chapter really encapsulates the idea of breaking away from the common sense (another part of my teaching philosophy): “At first they said it couldn’t be done but some were doing it. Then they said it could only be done by a few under special conditions, but more were doing it. Then they said, ‘Why would you do it any other way?’” (Davies, 2011, p.110). We can accomplish the things that people tell us are impossible only if we work as a team.

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