First Week Observations – Internship

Well, it is that time again. Another great summer at Camp Easter Seal has come and gone and I am a new and better person for it. But this year instead of the post-camp depression and keeping Triffons in business due to excessive orders of pity pizzas, I get to bypass all the feels and ENTER THE CLASSROOM. However, I’d like to note that staff room snacks aren’t much healthier than pity pizzas. What I have learned thus far is that they are completely earned: TEACHERS WORK HARD! Teachers in the school have spent nights there until 1 am and I have already put in at least 15 hours this weekend unit planning, only to feel like I’ve just begun. This is no 9-5, “I will do the minimum” kind of job. And the obvious reason is because of the kids! The kids who chase you down the hall to sing you happy birthday. The kids that tell you their dreams involve “not becoming that famous, like only featuring in two or so movies because I want to be a mom of five and a plastic surgeon and a framer’s wife.” The kids that sing about tacos when they should be listening, but you can’t help laughing anyways. The kids who love your class. The kids that pretend to hate your class. And the kids that actually hate your class. The kids that act out because they need your attention. The kids who aren’t really sure who they are yet and the ones confident enough to get up and dance when music plays. It’s for all those kids and the 100 others that us educators do what we do.

These first few weeks have been nothing short of amazing. A little intimidating, yes. But amazing. The first week was a lot of information to take in but the reading professional development was a great refresher and I plan to utilize most of the reading strategies we were shown. I loved the way they passed out resources freely and modeled the ideal rather than just stating what it was.

During my three week block, I will be teaching 3/4 Health, 7/8 Arts Ed., 9/10 ELA, 11/12 ELA, and student support work focusing on numeracy, literacy, and reading intervention. I am also involved with cross country, SRC, boys volleyball, and supported learning. Later on, I may work with other teachers to start a girls group. I am also getting the opportunity to observe many teachers at work and have two cooperating teachers that I get to learn from. I love that I get to work with every grade in the school, including Kindergarten. I couldn’t have created a better placement for myself if I tried. I wanted nothing more than to experience multiple grades, multiple needs, and multiple subjects. So far, I think my niche is Grades 3-12 due to the independence these learners have.

I welcome any readers to join me on my internship journey at Mossbank school. Stay tuned for weekly pictures of positive environments, lesson plans, reflections and more!

“Do what you love; love what you do.”

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