Health 3/4 Unit Plan: Healthy Eating, Exercise, and the Immune System

Note: if you are interested in the accompanying worksheets that are not attached but are mentioned in the unit plan, send me a comment and I can email them to you!

Happy planning/teaching! 🙂

Update: I added a station, differentiated lesson.

Some pictures from a lesson I added to make it more hands-on: 20141126_09584120141126_09583020141126_095855 (1)20141126_09584820141126_09590820141126_095915

Final Assignment:

my food guideWeekly ActivityWeekly FoodEat Well frontEat Well back  Healthy Action Plan

0 thoughts on “Health 3/4 Unit Plan: Healthy Eating, Exercise, and the Immune System

  1. I’ve had to add a lot more review and slow down my plans for this unit. I simply use the popsicle stick method and call on students. We review using exit slips, by re-watching videos and stopping in the middle to reflect, or general questions. I also changed one of the teacher-read-to-class articles into a poster assignment jigsaw. This allowed for more student creativity, higher student engagement and more general release of responsibility.

    I think I will be adding a physical exercise class since it doesn’t seem to make sense to sit in desks and teach about how exercise is important. Also, this will work well with our marble jar… positive reward system for students when they are listening, being kind to one another, and on task. Activity would fit the unit and be a great reward for them.

    Furthermore, I think the exploration of the food guide will include a more teacher-led search at the start. I will show them where to look on the screen, hand out hard copies, and then after direct, visual instruction they can explore on their own.

    I have also found that adding brain breaks – 1 or 2 per class of either minecraft (student interest) or just dance – has done wonders for student retention!

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