How to Flip the Classroom

During my pre-internship, there were a couple classes that were running on the new, flipped model! I have so much to learn about this and have attached some how-to’s and descriptions. I think this may be the step in the right direction for our globalized economy and 21st century learners!

Turning Learning on It’s Head Blog

Teaching for Tomorrow: Flipped Learning: Mentions that this started because he was recording lessons so students who missed class could consult info. on their own time. Then he decided all students should access information on their own time. This allows slower and fast learners to go at a rate they need because in class, everyone is working on different things. He also does not make students do his tests if they can show their learning in a different way. This has helped failure rates.

I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip: Setting Up a Flipped Classroom: This does not just talk about what a flipped classroom is but how you can do it and make the videos! Highlights inquiry-based learning!

Preparing Students for the Flipped Classroom: Discusses the shock to students who are good at the “game of school.”

Introduction to Our Flipped Classroom: This provides an overview that could be given to students and it features an ELA classroom.

Flipping The Classroom With FIZZ: Katie Gimbar’s & Dr. Lodge McCammon’s TedTalk

Please feel free to share resources that you have about the Flipped Classroom or share your thoughts! 🙂