Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention

In class today we discussed response to intervention. This is a model of differentiated instruction and early intervention that works!

Tier 1 – about 80-90% of students

In this section are teacher responsibilities:

– curriculum knowledge

– value added assessment (I especially need to work on this).

– differentiated and adapted instruction

– progress monitoring

– inclusive practices

– culturally responsive practices (I need to work on some areas within this section. For instance, accepting students into my classroom when they have been missing for an extended period of time. I will also need to do more research on various cultures).

– metacognition and self-regulation (Modeling how students can reflect their own learning is something I need to consider).

– fostering independence (Teaching students to self-advocate and take responsibility for their learning are things I would like to learn more about).

– assistive technology

– teacher team problem-solver meetings (I believe in maintaining communication with parents is important and beneficial, but it will have its challenges).

Tier 2 – about 10 – 15% of students

Inter-disciplinary team responsibilities:

– tier 1 interventions

– supplementary instruction and behavioral supports (Example: leveled literacy).

– needs-based assessment

– clear problem solving

– school-based/inter-disciplinary team

– problem-solving meetings

– intervention plan

Tier 3 – about 5% of students

Team responsibilities include:

– tier 1 and 2 interventions

– inter-agency involvement

– support team

– intervention plan

As I have learned in most of my inclusive education classes, the goal of response to intervention is to get students back to tier 1. To determine where students’ needs are best met, assessment and documentation must be ongoing and reliable.

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Birmingham Grid for Learning: Multiple Intelligences: This website is a great tool to get to know students and how they learn best. This link leads to a quick, 5 page learning inventory for high school students. After completion, students receive a code and they can give this code to their teachers. Then the teacher can print off individual graphs for each student, the entire class, the boys, or the girls. This offers a great visual for the teacher and can help guide instruction. I would personally put the whole-class visual in my classroom and after each lesson I would check-off or assess what ways of knowing/learning I targeted for the day (an inclusive education strategy). Students could also print off their own results so they know their strengths and areas to work on! I hope to use this in my pre-internship, along with some more interest-based games, to get to know my students so that I can instruct them appropriately and work on relationship building.

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