Teacher Qualities and My Goals

  • Flexible – to the needs of both the learners and colleagues. This may involve changing a lesson or adapting an assignment after self-reflection or pre-assessment results. This also includes flexible communication with parents and colleagues. It is inevitable that people will disagree, and being able to compromise yet advocate for your beliefs and needs is key.
  • Organized/Structured – Teachers must develop plans that align with the Saskatchewan Curriculum and create clear rules and expectations with their learners. This structure sets the tone for the class.
  • Hard-working/Determination – “The worst thing you can do is nothing” – Temple Grandin. Teachers must invest in their students and be dedicated to fostering independence and growth of learners through extra-curricular efforts.
  • Positive Attitude – Attitude either makes or breaks the day! This may include celebrating the little successes and taking it day by day!
  • Self-reflective Problem Solvers – As teachers learn with their students, mistakes are bound to happen and are a natural part of the learning process. We must reflect on this learning process, often on our feet, and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Compassion and Patience – Teachers must care about their learners, their learners’ families, and listen to their needs, stories, and interests to create that caring community.
  • Passion and Goals – Teachers must know why they teach and how they will assist each learner.
  • Bravery – Teachers must be brave! With diverse learners and the challenges of education, teachers need to take chances. They need to try to differentiate, even if it means starting small with one lesson. They need to try to implement research-based practices, reflect on their own weaknesses and beliefs, and sometimes they need to advocate for change – this takes courage and strength!

My Goals

Goal Area Short Term Goal Long Term Goal
Technology Introduce blogging and smaller technology use into classrooms (1 per class) OR use technology to foster inclusion and differentiation (1 thing for each student who requires this and is on an IIP). Flip a classroom AND perform short term goals.
Differentiation of Instruction Work on differentiating instruction by tiring assignments after pre-assessment data is gathered. Start with one class. Same but eventually do this for all four classes (not every lesson but when appropriate. For instance, 2 periods a day).
Student Choice Allow for more student choice when they represent their knowledge (choice of mode of representation and grading/rubric). Same but also allow for choice of content. This may involve a less-structured, more flexible approach to learning. Student interests should guide instruction.
Extreme Behavioral Issues Co-construct classroom expectations and procedures. Work on staying calm. Research more student-motivators and about behavioral disorders.

See blog post: Classroom Management.

Keeping Accurate SST Student Data Find an organizational system that works for me and allows me to track success and communicate with families/colleagues.

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