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– Lillian Katz’s quote “when a teacher tries to teach something to the entire class at the same time, chances are, one-third of the kids already know it; one-third will get it and the remaining third won’t.  So, two-thirds of the children are wasting their time” really stuck out for me. I personally enjoy small group teaching a lot more and love stations and group work. This is hard to do but worth it. I think this quote speaks to the need of pre-assessment and smaller class sizes.
– How do you motivate students to get work in on time? How do you motivate students to care/try? How do we get students to do their homework without a penalty?
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– Student choice
– more formative assessment
– students deciding percentage of tasks for year or weight of each section
– behavior separate from grades (not something I would have wanted before but starting to see that these are two separate things. As long as both are accounted for I am fine with them being separated).
– student/teacher make criteria together
Still Unsure
– I understand not taking away late marks in theory but I find it hard to believe that students are motivated to hand things in. How do teachers motivate them? Is this fair to the learners who hand it in on time but get less time to work on it? Does this impact job performance/expectations down the road?
What I Need
– I would like to learn more about inquiry-based learning. Also more about planning with the end in mind. I feel like I have a decent understanding of pre-assessment, rubrics and test/assignment making. However, I am still wondering what success looks at each grade.

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