Final Internship IPP Evaluation

Internship Teaching Experience

August – December 2014  

Intern Teacher (K-12 Student Support and Senior English)

School: Mossbank School, Mossbank, Saskatchewan

Cooperating Teachers: Leanne Rutko and Katie Letnes

Responsibilities: encourage and support growth of the whole student; communicate and monitor expectations; motivate by positive means; respond fairly and consistently to minor disruptions; attend student-led conferences, IIP meetings, and lead extra-curricular activities; provide student support services, intervention and enrichment; plan instruction that aligns with the Saskatchewan Curriculum and needs of learners; provide treaty education and plan for diversity; differentiate content, instructional strategies, resources, and assessment; utilize instructional technology; provide continuous assessment and evaluation; keep digital records of student growth; respect and adhere to the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation; act ethically and socially responsive; address inequities; foster collegial relations through respect, collaboration, and co-teaching; communicate professionally (verbally, written, and non-verbal); engage in critical reflective practice

Final Evaluation: Gorham, Kourtney

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March 2014

Pre-Intern Teacher (Senior English)

School: Miller Comprehensive High School, Regina, Saskatchewan

Co-operating Teacher: Sonya Phillips

Millar pre internship page 1Millar page 2Millar attachment   Preinternship comments printernship comments page 2

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